Bryce Schroeder's Web Page


I don't claim any particular talent as a writer; I'm not pursuing it as a career. Nonetheless I enjoy writing - far more than the few items here would suggest, as I rarely finish anything. :)

Travels of the Starfire

A series of science-fiction adventure stories I've written. Some of them predate my completion of English 1A, be warned. You can find these stories here.

RPG Humor

I play a home-brew role-playing game with a light science-fantasy theme. Sometimes it's enjoyable because `Space Gnome' is just a funny phrase to begin with. Other times it's enjoyable because of the funny things Space Gnomes do. Since you aren't playing though, you will also have the further benefit of Schadenfreude when you read these accounts. (If you are playing in my group, don't read them; they contain spoilers for the campaign I'm running.) Note that I mostly write these for catharsis, so I make no promises as to how entertaining they actually are.

AI Cycle
Stories about AI and its impact on society. Scribbes, about a medical scribe robot. . Nonsanc, about blood-sports involving AI fighters.
Reign of Entropy

Down near the end of my task queue, along with `Replace the Service Industry with Robots' and `Take the Grand Tour', is `Write a Really Great Computer RPG'. I've been working on this project on and off for years, and while the programming of the Engine is currently blocked on `Finish computer science degree', I have made some progress designing the game world. It may be useful to you for a (pencil and paper) RPG setting, you have my blessing to make personal use of it in that fashion if you want, although I doubt you would.

The quality of these documents is variable, and they aren't necessarily even internally consistent as they reflect the iterative development of the setting over several years. The main divide is between the `Brotherhood' material and the `Order' material. Although they take place in the same post-apocalyptic alternate Earth, they are separated geographically and chronologically. The `Brotherhood' stuff describes California some four hundred years after the overthrow of a totalitarian technological government, which is replaced by the religious organization called `The Brotherhood of Rothban' and a confederation of city-states. The `Order' material on the other hand discusses mostly Asia ( especially Central Asia and sometimes Europe) about two thousand years after the same event. Most of it centers on the `Order of the Technical Arts', a (formerly) secret society that now exerts de facto continental hegemony based on its control over technology and research. Both can be found here