The Random Rangers in

The Case of the Tasty Sword

Chapter 1 - The New Case

Chip will listen to Monty's story. Or else.

The Rangers are at home waiting for their next case. Chip is studying up on detection. Dale is watching television. Gadget is tinkering with an invention, a nylon hammer. Monty is telling a story concerning his quest for the teddy bear of rulership. Zipper is buzzing around. All of a sudden, they saw a news report, informing them that Fat Cat had stolen the Tasty Sword!
"We have to thwart Fat Cat and protect the Tasty Sword, or else he may destroy the soup of the Soviet Union!" Chip ordered. So they went searching for Fat Cat and the Tasty Sword.
Meanwhile, in the park, Fat Cat revealed his plans to his minions. "My plan is to enslave all squirrels ", explained Fat Cat. Obviously, they wondered if he also planned exterminate all whales now that he had the Tasty Sword. Fat Cat replied that he would not, since it would also require the poofy piano of justice. They all appreciated their clever plan.

Chapter 2 - The Search

The rangers were looking for any lead on the Tasty Sword or Fat Cat.

Chip looked around the sewers. The sewers contain disgarded cheese stick. Foxglove is there. Dale searched the bank. The bank, adjacent a Pet Store, is spectral with excitement. Dale wanders around the place and searches for clues. . Dale found a bloody mouse , but didn't know what it meant. Gadget traveled to a city street. The street is calm. Gadget carefully checks the place. Gadget finds piano leavings , analyzing it with her mass spectrometer clearly indicating by trivial induction that the Tasty Sword is being kept in the park . She goes there to look. Monty looked around the city. The city is modern and knitted, not knowing of the evil scheme threatening it. Monty searches the location for evidence. Monty found fragments of a machine . From his experiences in the Soviet Union, he believed this means the Tasty Sword is in the park! So, he goes there to check before telling the others. Zipper went to the Happy Tom cat food factory. The cat food factory is infested with a codes. Snout is there. Zipper goes unnoticed.

Chip searched the theater. The theater is showing Attack of the silver piano. Nimnul is there. Chip goes unnoticed. Dale went to the bank. Dale looks around the location and looks for clues. . Dale doesn't find anything. Gadget searched the park. The park is rainy. People are frolicking. Mepps is there. Wart is there. Mole is there. Rat Capone is there. Fat Cat is there. Gadget spies on Fat Cat, with the Tasty Sword. Gadget goes unnoticed. Monty traveled to the park. Monty spies on Fat Cat hiding in rafters. He thinks that Fat Cat's plan is to steal the retarded handlung of Burma. Mepps missed Monty. Wart missed Monty. Mole hit Monty. Monty is slighty hurt. Rat Capone hit Monty. Monty is slightly wounded. Fat Cat shouts at Gadget, "Your problems result from having a perverse insistence on wearing pants!" Gadget shouts at Fat Cat, "You suck because you have fat leg!" Monty hurls a nearby fishstick at Mole. Mole is seriously wounded. Gadget tries to escape. Gadget escapes the battle. Monty tries to escape. Monty flees the battle! Zipper searched the park. Zipper flies about spying on Fat Cat, looking for the Tasty Sword. Mepps hit Zipper. Zipper is gravely wounded. Rat Capone says to Zipper, "Your problems result from having no ability to harm your enemies!" Zipper buzzes angrily at Rat Capone. Fat Cat hit Zipper. Zipper is seriously wounded. Zipper dies with a splatting sound. Zipper tries to escape. Zipper wanted to escape but was dead.

So the Rangers had found the location of the Tasty Sword.

Everyone gathered back at the Ranger Tree.

"I have a light injury by Rat Capone's attack!", Monty complained. " If I die, Avenge my tragic killing!"

"You'll be okay, I'll fix you up ", Gadget determined. Gadget bandaged Monty's injury. "There! All better! ", Gadget said. Monty felt better. Chip invents a plan. Chip comes up with a powerful plan to destroy Fat Cat and explains it to the others. Gadget approached Zipper. "I especially like your cute eyes , Zipper", said Gadget. "Then avenge my untimely death!", replied Zipper. Their conversation was interrupted by their leaving to go to Fat Cat and return the Tasty Sword.

Chapter 3 - The Battle

Gadget, clearly in denial about Zipper's death

Reaching the park, they implement their attack. Mepps is greviously wounded. Wart is seriously injured. Mole is severely hurt. Mole dies of Chip's attack plan. Rat Capone is gravely injured. Fat Cat is seriously wounded.

Wart missed Chip. Rat Capone hit Gadget. Gadget is greviously wounded. Fat Cat missed Monty. Chip hastily developed a further plan. "Dale! Confuse Fat Cat with a fetching wig!", Chip advised. "Gadget! Be careful around Fat Cat's arm! ", Chip cautioned. Chip taunts Mepps. Mepps is greviously wounded. Dale trips Mepps. Mepps is hurt.

Mepps missed Gadget. Wart missed Monty. Fat Cat hit Dale. Dale is slightly wounded. Dale whips Wart. Wart is smitten. Monty roundhouse kicks Mepps . Mepps is greviously injured. Mepps collapses, clutching his lung.

Rat Capone missed Monty. Fat Cat missed Dale. Fat Cat says to Dale, "You suck because you have a real need for orthodontia !" Dale shouts at Fat Cat, "You are defined by your having unreasonably large ego." Chip attempts to surprise Rat Capone. Monty hits Wart with a duck. Wart is maybe mortally hurt. Wart is killed by Monty's attack.

Rat Capone hit Monty. Monty is wounded. Fat Cat missed Chip.

Rat Capone missed Gadget. Fat Cat hit Gadget. Gadget is greviously wounded. Gadget, mortally wounded by Fat Cat's attack, falls to her knees, and says "Avenge me, Zipper!" and goes unconcious. Monty throws Fat Cat who lands on a heat gun. Fat Cat is only very slightly harmed.

Rat Capone hit Chip. Chip is severely injured. Chip punches Rat Capone. Rat Capone is greviously injured. Monty tossses Rat Capone . Rat Capone is injured. Rat Capone collapses, shouting "Ow! The agony!"

Fat Cat missed Dale. Dale slugs Fat Cat. Fat Cat is injured.

Fat Cat hit Chip. Chip is only very slightly harmed. Dale taunts Fat Cat. Fat Cat is slightly wounded. Monty body-slams Fat Cat. Fat Cat is wounded.

Fat Cat missed Chip. Chip trips Fat Cat. Fat Cat is severely wounded. Fat Cat is killed by Chip's attack. Dale goes to attack Fat Cat, but he is already dead. Monty goes to attack Fat Cat, but he is already dead. And so, with Fat Cat incapacitated, they got the Tasty Sword and escaped.

Chapter 4 - Epilogue

Dale mours the tragic death of two young lovers... Zipper and Gadget. Oh my.

Although coming at great cost they had triumphed and ensured that the Tasty Sword was out of Fat Cat's hands forever. They thought Gadget was too pretty to cremate, so they preserved her in alcohol and kept her in a jar in the Ranger Tree. They had a funeral for Zipper who died of Fat Cat's attack. Apparently both Gadget and Zipper died, so there is no insipid romantic subplot in the conclusion!

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