Travels of the Starfire


This page is about my series of Science-fiction adventure stories detailing the plight of the MSV (Merchant Space Vessel) Starfire, and it's intrepid (generaly) crew.

Right now, there isn't much here: Just a TOS glossary and some background material. It's likely full of spelling errors, but I'm busy and am trying to spend most of the time I'm devoting to Starfire on writing the next episode. Enjoy.


Carey, Captain Marcus:
Captain of the MSV Starfire. Son of Ben Carey, he inherited the ship on the untimly death of his father. He is somewhat uncomfortible with his new role as captain, but is actualy rather compitent. He has kept the Starfire Salvage and Transport Company safely in the black.
Var, First Officer Amara:
The Starfire's second in command. She hails from the planet Evar, a major power in the Galactic Outback. She is capible in her job.
Bisping, Engineer Jules:
Skilled engineer who keeps the Starfire in running order. A friend of Ben Carey. His talents are not limited to starship repair, he can also fill a number of other technical needs. He is the oldest crewmember, and enjoys special status with the captain becuase of his friendship with Ben Carey.
?, Assistant Engineer Amy:
Android who is not known to have a last name. (Technicaly a gynoid, an android in female form. ) Amy was recovered from a derilect freighter by the Starfire while it was under the command of the late Ben Carey. Amy elected to stay on the ship as an assistant to Jules. The Confederation recognizes her as a citizen, so she is not considered property.
?, Tactical Officer Chikar:
Chikar is in charge of the security, both internal and external, of the ship. Chikar is a Danak Voyager, someone who leaves the homeworld of the Danak to explore the galaxy, then returns to teach both future Voyagers and other Danaki children.