The Random Rangers in

The Case of the Ice Piano of Death

Chapter 1 - The New Case

The Rangers are in their tree waiting for any caper. Chip is studying up on detection. Dale is sleeping, dreaming about super duper stick. Gadget is working on a project, a new kind of camera.The project is going well, because she had all the required parts in stock . Monty is cooking up a swiss cheese egg roll. Zipper is buzzing around. Suddenly, they saw a news report, informing them that Rat Capone had ilegally created the Ice Piano of Death!
"We have to thwart Rat Capone and reclaim the Ice Piano of Death, or else he may harm rock!" Chip said. So they went hunting for Rat Capone and the Ice Piano of Death.
Meanwhile, in the Ranger Tree, Rat Capone explained his plan to his minions. "My plan is to to kill all squirrels ", said Rat Capone. Being dumb, they inquired if he also planned to destroy the dish washer industry now that he had the Ice Piano of Death. Rat Capone said that he would indeed, and he already thought of it . They all brooded darkly.

Chapter 2 - The Search

The rangers were looking for any trace of the Ice Piano of Death or Rat Capone.

Chip went to the bank. The bank, next to a Pet Store, is noisy with anticipation. Chip carefully searches the place. Chip finds an pleasant scepter , clearly suggesting that the Ice Piano of Death is hidden in the Ranger Tree. He goes there to investigate. Dale searched Cat Alley. Cat Alley is devoid of cats today. Dale looks around the location and searches for anything interesting. . Dale sees nothing of interest. Gadget traveled to the Ranger Tree. The Ranger Tree is dirty. Nimnul is there. Wart is there. Mole is there. Rat Capone is there. Snout is there. Lahwhinie is there. Gadget spies on Rat Capone, holding the Ice Piano of Death. Monty goes unnoticed. Monty went to Fat Cat's Casino. Critters are betting on spork fights and eating egg roll. Monty searches the location for clues. Monty sees nothing of interest. Zipper went to the cola bottling plant. The cola plant still smells of death. Zipper searches the place. Zipper finds a bloody crystal , and thinks it means Ice Piano of Death is in the Ranger Tree. He goes in that direction to look.

So the Rangers knew about the location of the Ice Piano of Death.

On the way to the Ranger tree, Gadget is taken unawares by Rat Capone's minions, led by his agent, Sewernose de Bergerac. They beat Gadget to a fuzzy pulp and then leave her for dead. Fortunately, Zipper saw this from a distance and ran to save her. Zipper helped Gadget back to headquarters.

Everyone gathered back at the Ranger Tree.

"I have a critical injury by injuries inflicted by Rat Capone's sneaky attack !", Gadget exclaimed. " Please, if I don't survive, Avenge my tragic killing !"

Dale looked at Gadget's wounds. "Ouch! That must really be painful! ", Dale said. Fortunately, Dale had seen Fantastic Voyage about a million times. he even recalled from his keen observations of Gadget's normal anatomy that the bones belong on the inside, so that is where he put them . "Come on, Gadget, don't leave me, the team can't go on without your cleverness!", Dale pleaded. Eventually, Gadget's condition stablized. Monty thinks up a plan. Monty's plan is to poison Rat Capone's soup supply . Mepps arrived at the Ranger Tree. Gadget went up to Mepps.

"I especially am noticing your impressive willpower in overcoming your leotard problem , Mepps", said Gadget.

"Oh, you noticed, Gadget", answered Mepps. "I was afraid you thought I had a junkie tail ."

Their conversation was finished by their leaving to destroy Rat Capone and return the Ice Piano of Death.

Chapter 3 - The Battle

Getting to the Ranger Tree, they carry out their attack. Nimnul is only very slightly harmed. Wart is smitten. Mole is maybe mortally wounded. Rat Capone is maybe mortally wounded. Snout is slightly wounded. Lahwhinie is seriously hurt. Mepps is seriously wounded.

Nimnul missed Dale. Wart swatted Monty. Monty is slighty hurt. Rat Capone bit Gadget. Gadget is greviously hurt. Gadget tries to trip Rat Capone using a wire.

Wart missed Gadget. Rat Capone missed Monty. Snout hit Monty. Monty is slighty hurt. Chip rapidly thought up a battle plan. "Dale! Confuse them with your hairbrained antics!", Chip suggested. "Monty! Confuse Rat Capone with a long-winded story!",Chip ordered. Chip attacks Mole. Mole is severely wounded. Gadget uses a magical grenade on Wart. Wart is severely injured. Zipper uses Quick Attack on Mole. Mole is hurt.

Nimnul missed Dale. Wart missed Dale. Mole missed Dale. Rat Capone hit Zipper. Zipper is seriously hurt. Zipper is knocked out. Snout stabbed Chip. Chip is smitten. Lahwhinie goes to attack Zipper, but he is already dead. Dale tries to surprise Nimnul. Monty fights with Rat Capone.

Nimnul missed Gadget. Nimnul shouts at Gadget, "You've got pathological inability to experience normal emotions!" "You say that like it's a bad thing! "Gadget replies. Wart hit Dale. Dale is only very slightly harmed. Rat Capone bit Gadget. Gadget is severely injured. Snout missed Monty. Dale attempts to take Lahwhinie by surprise.

Wart missed Chip. Mole missed Chip. Monty fights with Wart.

Nimnul missed Monty. Wart missed Monty. Mole missed Dale. Rat Capone missed Chip. Snout hit Dale. Dale is hurt. Chip kicks Rat Capone. Rat Capone is greviously wounded.

Nimnul bit Monty. Monty is slightly wounded. Wart missed Gadget. Rat Capone stomped Chip. Chip is hurt. Mepps missed Chip. Chip strikes Nimnul. Nimnul is only very slightly harmed. Monty grabs Wart . Wart is seriously wounded. Wart collapses, clutching his injured hand.

Rat Capone stomped Gadget. Gadget is greviously injured. Gadget, stricken by Rat Capone's attack, collapses, bleeding heavily and cries out " Gosh darn it, I'm still a virgin! Why couldn't Monty have been more decisive?" and goes unconcious. Rat Capone yells at Gadget, "You've got pathological inability to experience normal emotions!" "Well, you have squirrel fetish ! "Gadget replies. Mepps missed Chip. Chip fights with Lahwhinie. Monty whallops Mepps. Mepps is only very slightly harmed.

Nimnul swatted Monty. Monty is only very slightly harmed. Mole stabbed Monty. Monty is injured. Rat Capone missed Monty. Lahwhinie missed Dale. Chip swings at Nimnul. Monty grabs Rat Capone . Rat Capone is greviously injured. Rat Capone collapses, clutching his kidney. And so, with Rat Capone defeated, they got the Ice Piano of Death and escaped.

Chapter 4 - Epilogue

Although difficult they had triumphed and ensured that the Ice Piano of Death was out of Rat Capone's hands forever. It turned out that Gadget survivied her apparent death, the one that died was a shapeshifting alien. They had a funeral for Zipper who died of Rat Capone's attack. After the tragic death of Gadget of Rat Capone's attack, Mepps was terribly depressed.

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