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Other Stuff

This section of my website discusses various other things not logically placed elsewhere, obviously.

I built a science-fiction city out of `Lego' for an RPG, then took photos of it with a digital camera, and wrote a python script that brought them together with textual descriptions in interactive tour. Yes, I know that was a very geeky thing to do.

Here is a picture of me, holding a Data General Nova clone. I bought it at a yard-sale for a few bucks, and later sold it to a collector. This is my natural habitat.

Here are some pictures of me caving.

This is the old version of this website.

If you enjoy Megatokyo, you may also enjoy this random Miho and Largo confrontation simulator. An older version is here. Both are based on my UVTOS programming language; information concerning it may be found on the Programming section of this site.

Enjoy your visit.