Bryce Schroeder's Web Page


I am interested in linguistics. While I find theory interesting, my main linguistic interests are acoustic phonetics and the Hmong-Mien (also called Miao-Yao) languages of southeast Asia. I also enjoy conlanging, which I mostly do for my RPG.

Despite the fact that it is spoken by thousands of Hmong-Americans as their native language right here in the US, the Hmong language is rather underdocumented, especially when it comes to resources (pedagological grammars, lessons, etc.) for English speakers who want to learn Hmong. On my Hmong page you can find the materials I have been able to find.

A made an a priori artlang called Eniy for an RPG. There is a grammar and a dictionary, neither is really complete. I don't have plans to finish it, but it might be of interest to someone. (I don't plan to finish it because the RPG campaign ended and because new linguistic knowledge made it seem unrealisitic in some respects.)