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I'm Bryce Schroeder, and this is my web page. But let's face it, if you don't already have some inkling of who I am, you're most likely lost...

I'm a student living in Marysvile, CA - Which is not like the California you out-of-state people may have heard about that has a wonderful climate and pristine beaches. You're thinking of one of our fine coastal cities such as Pismo Beach, or Fort Bragg. Marysvile is a small city in a floodplain and surrounded by levies and rice fields. It is too hot in the summer and rains very often in the winter, which is why there are levies... Fall and Spring range from tollerible to fairly good. Except everything blooms in spring, which is bad if you have allergies. So, to summarize: Don't go out in the winter, it's raining. Don't go out in the spring, all the plants are blooming and the pollen will get you. Don't go out in summer, it's way too hot. The preceeding facts about Marysvile may explain my interests in indoor activites, such as computers, writing and electronics. (Although on vacation my interests take a markedly diffrent turn, In enjoy collecting minerals in remote locations and caving.) I also am considering attempting to build a fleet of robotic drigibles, but that might fall through due to a lack of the nessicary cheap Helium lifting gas.

I use Gentoo Linux (Dual booting with Mac OS X) on a dual-processor G4 computer, and am very happy with them. I can program in C and MetalBasic (Although I am in the process of forgeting MB). I know some php and some HTML. I wish I knew more about UNIX...

I use bash when I'm using Linux. I like vi. I can use Adobe Photoshop, although I have no copy installed and I was never that good at it. I do my image editing in the GIMP nowadays.

I would like to say that while I generaly dispise most large corporations, I do like several smaller to medium sized ones, such as O'Reilly, a publisher of fine technical books.

If you should, for some bazzare reason, want to contact be, you can do so in a variety of ways, outlined below.

MSV Starfire:

If you're interested in the Travels of the Starfire series I write from time to time on the Coldstone chrons, you've come to the right place. Here is my TOS page: Travels of the Starfire

Thanks for visiting.

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