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You want to contact me for some reason? Okay. There are several ways of going about this, each with advantages and disadvantages. I'll leave it to you to select one, since you have the most information about the urgency and importance of your request, on the arguably naive assumption that you will not abuse my trust in you. Thanks!

Phone: (US) 530-763-3064
For high-priority communications, you can call me, unless I otherwise specify. Note: I do not answer calls with blocked caller ID. In North America the prefix code that unblocks caller ID for one call is *82. (The above number rings all my phones, so it's better to call it even if you know the others.)
You can email me Here. I have an Android phone so I'll probably get your email quickly even if I'm not away, but I hate typing on the tiny keyboard so don't count on getting an immediate reply to not obviously urgent inquries. My prior email addresses include: and, but please use the gmail address.
Instant Messaging
Gmail chat or AIM: AIM4Bryce
If you catch me online, feel free to instant message me. If we've never talked before, expect to be asked strange but obvious questions intended to identify IM spambots.
(Postal) Mail
PO Box 235, Setauket, NY 11733
You can send me mail via the United States Postal Service if you wish. This is very slow, but mail is rarely lost and if I do get it I'll almost certainly read it.
I check the above post office box at least once a week.