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We are a new Pokémon web page. I plain to update this page frequently. We are still under construction, so some of the links don't exist yet. But many do. Try our Pokéquiz under Mewtwo's personal page. Our Pokélist is complete but the zoom pages aren't all finished. But the list still lists all 151 monsters and gives there type, number, were they can be found and what they evolve into. Our guide currently covers Pallet town, uh Pallet town and uh... more pallet town, but more is soon to come. Fell free to ask me any Pokémon related question. The item list is not yet ready, nor is the message board. Pokénews is up and running, it should be updated weekly or bi-weekly. Down loads should be coming soon. The personal pages for the elite four are not there yet and probably won't be for a wile. Cheats should also be coming soon and The contest page is up and I have placed the formerly camera shy Mew. Links is coming soon. Pokemon faq may be a wile, though. See you soon!



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