Angry Murine Catharsis
An illustrated satirical parody wherein a vengeful cartoon mouse violently cleanses the world of perverts, one ironic whacking at a time.
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Archive of Angry Murine Catharsis

(R = released; B = finished, in buffer; no letter: scripted.)
I. The Premise is Established by means of Poor-quality "Art"
1Wherein Gadget Wears ShoesR 3 May 2010
2... but not a Helmet, SadlyR 4 May 2010
3ErsatzgadgetR 5 May 2010
4Wherein Unpleasant Things are ImpliedR 9 May 2010
5Any Resemblance to Actual Persons...R 8 May 2010
6What a Way to Wake UpR 12 May 2010
7Serious BusinessR 16 May 2010
II. Depicting the Deserved Demise of a Dastardly Deviant
8Be Prepared!R 13 June 2010
9More Stabbing than NecessaryR 22 June 2010
10Never Send a Fly to do a Cricket's JobR 25 June 2010
11Wherein Gadget NarratesR 30 June 2010
12Confused Yet?R 1 July 2010
III. The First Advent of Widget
13Revenge ConsultantR 3 July 2010
14Gone SoftR 6 July 2010
15Stabbing the Fourth WallR 8 July 2010
16No Violence like Implied ViolenceR 25 July 2010
17Montages! Comb-overs! Rocket Launchers!cut
IV. Gadget Executes a Ne'er-do-well and Goes to Prison for Unrelated Reasons
18She Knows Where You LiveR 27 July 2010
19Rather AwkwardR 30 July 2010
20Crime and PunishmentR 3 August 2010
21The Gilded CageR 2 November 2010
22Spiritual GuidanceR 9 November 2010
23Flying Sparkle HedgehogsR 14 November 2010
24Exactly as PlannedR 21 November 2010
V. Another Icky Icky Man is Punished
25Evil LairB 28 November 2010
26Basement Dungeon5 December 2010
27He's a [sic] [sic] Freak12 December 2010
28Wherein Gadget Becomes Upset19 December 2010
29Keeping up Guest Appearances26 December 2010
30For the Want of a Breadstick2 January 2011
31Brilliant, don't you Agree?9 January 2011
32Deception, Treachery, Lies!16 January 2011
33It's Super-Effective!23 January 2011
VI. Gadget's Epic Journey to Destroy the Fount of Squick
34The Conspiracy30 January 2011
35Sauron Liked Sugar6 February 2011
36Long Way Down13 February 2011
37Exposition Now20 February 2011
38True Names27 February 2011
39Wherein it is Revealed that Bats can Fly6 March 2011
40Casting Shadows13 March 2011
41Complications20 March 2011
42Kim Jerb-Il27 March 2011
43Mus ex Machina3 April 2011
44Smells like... References10 April 2011
45Guile Gadget17 April 2011
46The TV Turns our Kids Furry24 April 2011
47Desaturation of Violence1 May 2011
48Straight to the Top8 May 2011
VII. Wherein the Conspiracy is Revealed
49Lulz for the Lulz God15 May 2011
50Our most Valuable Resource22 May 2011
51The Chosen One29 May 2011
52Working in Mysterious Ways5 June 2011
53Caffeinated Death12 June 2011
54Wherein Gadget Fights a Murderous Squid Thing for your Amuesment19 June 2011
55That which cannot be Named26 June 2011
56A Wild Cthulhu Appears!3 July 2011
57Alas, Poor Gadget10 July 2011
58Why must you People always Interrupt my Felonies?17 July 2011
VIII. Wherein the Narrative Reaches its Disappointing Conclusion
59Angry Surrealism24 July 2011
60What, that's it?31 July 2011
61Schroedinger's Mouse7 August 2011
62Epilogue14 August 2011
Angry Murine Catharsis by Bryce Schroeder. Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers © 1989 Disney, used without permission. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. All characters portrayed are either totally fictional, or are based on pathologically deviant manchildren who live in their mother's basements, have perverse sexual lust for cartoon mice, and, more to the point, can't afford lawyers.